Risk Program Achievement Application


Safety Training with a Purpose

Wylie ISD

Safety training is more than just a checklist.  With an emphasis on purposeful safety training, Wylie ISD has bridged gaps between departments, generated monthly safety meetings, and formed subcommittees that standardized drill training district wide. 


Stretching Technique Program

City of Pharr

By leveraging resources within the community, the City of Pharr implemented a stretching program resulting in a significant reduction in strain injuries reported.  


Webinars for Safety Coordinators and Workers’ Compensation Editors

Northside Independent School District

Protecting resources and supporting diverse learners, the Risk Management Office launched training webinars to educate district employees on employee safety and the WCI program.


Risk Assessment ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Compliance

Port of Corpus Christi Authority

A strategic plan was implemented to ensure operations and activities are conducted in a manner conducive to environmental sustainability and resiliency.