Public Risk Management Awareness Day

Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Standing together to recognize and bring awareness of Public Risk Management, for the inaugural Public Risk Management Awareness Day, March 1, 2019. Whether it is a city, county, special district, school district, port authority or political subdivision of the state, public entities by their very nature have a unique set of inherent risks. Public risk management professionals implement risk management frameworks to  reduce, transfer, accept or mitigate those risks, which allows for fiscal stability, decreased liability, reduced reputation risk and improved safety for the public entity. 


Underground Utility Damage Prevention Program

City of Corpus Christi

The City of Corpus Christi Utility Department which includes the Water, Wastewater, and Storm Water Divisions is actively repairing, replacing and expanding its water and sanitary lines at extraordinary levels. On a typical Utilities Department workday, there are 12 to 15 excavation jobs which include emergency and non-emergency projects. In 2017 there were 51 underground utility line hits, averaging one hit per week caused by the City’s Utility Department employees operating earth moving equipment. To reduce the number and severity of underground utility hits, in 2018 the Risk Management Division rolled out an Underground Utilities Damage Prevention Program. The program exemplifies Risk Management’s commitment to employee safety and protecting the City’s underground utilities.  The program is a comprehensive educational and field inspection program designed for all Utility Department employees from upper management to field techs.



Fire Department Workers’ Compensation & Cancer Resource Guidebook

City of San Antonio

The City of San Antonio Fire Department Cancer Resource Guidebook and Workers’ Compensation Resource Guidebook are tools used for communicating the City’s Workers’ Compensation Program and commitment to their firefighters. They are intended to briefly summarize Workers’ Compensation benefits and guide firefighters to understanding their responsibilities when injured on the job or becoming ill. It also provides general information that may assist with questions and concerns with their workers’ compensation claims.


Safety, Security & Emergency Response Program

City of San Marcos

Cities, counties and school districts across the nation have seen an unfortunate rise in violent retaliation from former and current employees, citizens and students. The City of San Marcos is taking a proactive step to help prepare their employees in case an emergency situation arises. About two years ago, a Security Team was formed to begin addressing all safety and security measures City-wide. While the Security Team works diligently to ensure safety and security measures are addressed throughout the City, the Risk Management division plays a role in creating and communicating a safe and efficient response plan. The City of San Marcos’ proactive approach with a robust safety, security and emergency response program allows for its employees to have a little more peace of mind while at work.

Workers’ Compensation and Healthcare Annual Summits

Katy ISD

In 2016, the Katy ISD Risk Management Department embarked upon the creation of an annual meeting to bring school district professionals together having responsibility and oversight of Workers’ Compensation and Employee Health Plan Administration. The foundation of the annual meeting was centered upon open and frank conversation, collaboration, and innovation on risk management topics facing school districts. Promoting open conversation has led to many school districts learning of new processes and procedures resulting in cost savings and improved efficiencies. Additionally, from these meetings collaboration has been fostered leading to significant buying groups for the betterment of the collective. Lastly, by sharing and learning a spirit of innovation among the group has grown over time.