Jobs related to risk management, insurance, or human resources can be posted on the Texas PRIMA website for 30 days by:
  • Any governmental entity in the State of Texas, at no cost.
  • Any Texas PRIMA sponsor (regardless of sponsorship level), at no cost.
  • Any Texas PRIMA corporate or pool member (though not a sponsor),
    at the cost of $100 per posting.
How to submit a job posting to Texas PRIMA

Email the job posting to [email protected] in one of (2) formats:

  • as a PDF attachment,
  • as a link to an online posting.
Assistant Director of Public Works
City of Portland
posted 3/17/23
Pool Director
posted 3/8/23
Workers Compensation Coordinator
City of Dallas
posted 3/3/23
Occupational Health and Safety Officer
City of Dallas
posted 3/3/23
Benefits Analyst
City of Garland
posted 3/2/23
Human Resources Analyst- Risk Management
City of Lewisville
posted 2/27/23
Safety Specialist
City of Waco
posted 2/21/23
Manager - Risk Management
Harris County
posted 2/21/23
Director II
Dallas ISD
posted 2/15/23
Human Resources Coordinator
City of Kaufman
posted 2/12/23
System Safety Manager
posted 2/12/23
Human Resources Manager
City of Midlothian
posted 2/12/23
Human Resource Director
Town of Fairview
posted 2/12/23