Public Risk Management Awareness Day

The goal of Public Risk Management Day is to bring a heightened level of awareness and education throughout communities by giving public risk management a platform to use as a springboard to create special activities, proclamations and publications commemorating every March 1st as Public Risk Management Awareness Day!

We are honored that the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has proclaimed March 1, 2019 to be Public Risk Management Awareness Day!  House Resolution 549 brought forth by Representative Abel Herrero in Texas House District 34 declares March 1, 2019 will be Public Risk Management Awareness Day.


 Celebrate Public Risk Management Day at your entity by using the Public Risk Management Day Toolkit:

About Texas PRIMA

Texas PRIMA is a state chapter of the National Public Risk Management Association. The purpose of Texas PRIMA is:
  • To increase the proficiency of risk management in governmental agencies, political subdivisions thereof and school districts;
  • To strengthen the quality of risk management through continuing education;
  • To be an educational and research organization for the benefit of governments, governmental agencies, political subdivisions thereof, school districts and other special district units through the State of Texas;
  • To provide the members the opportunity to exchange ideas, to consult with one another, to meet persons in or associated with public risk management, and to supply members with information concerning their organization;
  • To act in any manner which will further the best interests of governmental agencies, political subdivisions, schools and other special districts in their risk management activities.

The Benefits of Membership

Part of the value of your Texas PRIMA membership is access to the following valuable resources:
  • access to the Texas PRIMA membership directory
  • access to Texas PRIMA's risk management job postings
  • community forum for posting questions & answers and for networking with fellow members
  • archival and informational materials and presentations from Texas PRIMA conferences, etc.
  • "quick links" to helpful online resources
  • complete archival copies of Texas PRIMA's membership newsletter, the "PRIMA Press"
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