1. A member shall be loyal to his organization and will not represent conflicting interests but will devote himself exclusively to the welfare of his employer.

  2. A member shall believe in the importance and dignity of the service rendered by government and shall be aware of his own responsibilities as a trusted employee and public servant.

  3. A member shall not accept or solicit any gift, favor, or service that might reasonably tend to influence the member in the discharge of his duties or that the member knows or should know is being offered with the intent to influence the member’s conduct.

  4. A member shall never misuse his public or personal relationship to achieve selfish ambitions or personal gain.

  5. A member shall not discriminate in any way nor use their position to discriminate, harass or abuse because of race, national origin, personal creed, religion, sex, veteran’s status, age, or impairment.

  6. A member shall cooperate with all organizations engaged in activities which develop and further enhance Risk Management as a profession.

  7. A member shall subscribe to and support the professional objectives of the Texas Public Risk Management Association.



As a non-profit organization, the IRS imposes certain restrictions on Texas PRIMA regarding any lobbying or attempts to influence legislation. In addition, state law and many local government rules and policies prohibit their employees from providing certain testimony regarding proposed legislation or rules.

Nonetheless, Texas PRIMA believes that it is important for its members to be informed regarding the legislative process as well as proposals that may be considered under either State or Federal law as well as rule writing and related agencies.

As a matter of policy, the board of directors and the membership of Texas PRIMA are not to specifically issue support or opposition as an organization to any state or federal law, rule or regulation. On the other hand, subject to review of Texas PRIMA's board, the president or chair of the legislative committee may provide specific information or objective commentary to the legislature or rule making authority regarding any proposals that may affect the Texas PRIMA membership.

Information regarding the legislative process, committees, and proposed bills will be posted on the Association website or published in the newsletter, subject to review by the legislative chair, and in compliance with this policy.

All members are encouraged to stay informed regarding any information relating to public risk management and be involved in the process. While the use of collective information obtained from Texas PRIMA members regarding the impact of specific legislation may be cited by individual members, there is to be no representation that Texas PRIMA specifically supports or opposes any legislation.